Affiliate Benefits

When a person you refer buys a Contact Flow account, you get paid 40% of this payment. This doesn't happen just once but on a monthly basis for as long as the customer continues to pay for their account. If the customer upgrades to a plan with a higher payment, your commission gets increased too.

Real-time tracking and stats

You know exactly when and how much you earn. It's all in your Affiliate Panel. Track free trials, sales, and earnings.

URL Tracking

Track what products your contacts are interested in just by visiting your page. Then, create flows to pitch them these products.

24/7 Affiliate Support

You get 5-star affiliate support. Even experts sometimes need advice. Ask our dedicated, experienced support team.

Unique Affiliate Link

Append your affiliate code to every link and earn your 40% commissions. Wanna get it now? Just hit the "Join Now" button and create your account.

Start turning your site traffic into recurring commissions.