Contact Flow vs dotmailer

See how we compete with our incredible features!

With Contact Flow, integrations always included.

Contact Flow has deep integrations with Shopify, Clickfunnels, and Leadpages...all at no extra charge.

dotmailer offers integrations with ecommerce platforms like Shopify... at an additional fee of $160 per month. Ouch.

Pre-built, email and landing page templates in Contact Flow save you time.

Contact Flow offers abandoned cart functionality to every user — AND you get pre-built email templates and landing pages that will boost sales and help you build your email list!

dotmailer offers “native” abandoned cart functionality for some of their packages — but if you’re going to use it, they require you to go through their onboarding service. For a fee.

Get up and running fast with Contact Flow.

Contact Flow is built to make it easier and faster for you to boost customer interaction and sales. If you are ever stuck with doubts or just need some help we are available 24/7 in our live chat!

Complexity and dev-dependence mean it can take quite a while to get started. In the words of one user, "After more than three months of them trying to implement this on August 31st, we finally gave a week's notice to get it up and running. Not only did they not get it up in a week it was still not up by the end of September."

Contact Flow is built for members who want to drive sales.

Your time is too valuable to spend navigating through software or waiting on services team. That’s why Contact Flow emphasizes powerful functionality and user friendliness. Want to send a different email to people who abandon carts? Or offer a coupon the customer who abandons their cart, but not on purchases? We got you covered.

Again, a dotmailer user says it best: "the platform seems to be intentionally limiting with what you are able to do without their assistance, unless you have a full-time expert on your own team."

Contact Flows all-in-one pricing model.

Every Contact Flow feature is included in every plan, offered on a month to month basis. There's no long-term contract. Upgrading and downgrading your plan is done at the touch of a button. You'll never need to worry about changing a plan or contract to get access to a new feature.

dotmailer's starts with a base price and different plans to choose from to get the features you need. From there, they also offer things like integrations, onboarding, and training… at extra cost. All that can add up to thousands just to get started.