Contact Flow vs Mailchimp

See how we compete with our incredible features!

Product Tracking and Integration

Contact Flow allows you to dig deep and capture all of your data, to make increasing sales a breeze. Segment contact and personalize emails based on which products they viewed, what they’ve bought in the past, when they last purchased, or other information. This is available for your customer's entire history with your store. It's all within Contact Flow with no limits on data size or volume.

Mailchimp grabs basic data, like if someone has purchased something in general, but not all the data. You’re missing out on which products they bought, which other products they viewed, and more. Adding in anything else requires manual uploads and spreadsheet management, and you're strictly limited in the number of data points you can import.

Targeting to take your business to the next level

Contact Flow calculates all the data you need, including product tracking, lifetime revenue per customer and more.

Mailchimp's limited data syncs mean that your targeting options are restricted.

Support - how you need it, when you need it 24/7

We got you. Contact Flow assigns a dedicated account manager for larger customers, and offers email support to everyone 24/7. Live Chat is available 24/7 too!

Mailchimp offers email and chat support (limited to their hours of operation), but free accounts are on their own. Good lucks!

Smart segmentation for better results.

Contact Flow lets you be very specific in your segmentation. Whether it's a broadcast or a flow, you can tailor your audience based on when they purchased, what they bought, how much they spent in a specific time frame, and more. You can even track abandoned carts and target those contacts!

Mailchimp lets you segment your email marketing -- to a point. You can launch an automated flow to people who have never bought - but if you want to segment based on people who haven't bought in the last 90 days, you're out of luck.

Combine data from all your marketing and business apps

Contact Flow integrates with poplar marketing and sales applications to pull in rich interaction data for all your customers. Segment and personalize your automated flow messages based on exactly how people are interacting with your online business.

MailChimp can gather email addresses from other applications, but doesn't get other usage or interaction data from those systems

A/B testing for automated email flows

Contact Flow includes AB testing for every customer. And that includes the ability to test automated emails and flows.

If you can't test, you can't optimize. And with Mailchimp, you can't test automated emails or automated email series.